Increase in Vita Sales Following Price Cut in Japan, Will Sony Take the Hint?

Sony has price cut the vita in Japan, or did a short while ago to about 20,000 yen (~$215 US). In doing so, the Vita actually dramatically rose in sales, with several sources saying they are selling six times as many units in the past two weeks, even surpassing the 3ds just last week by only a few hundred units.

Will Sony realize that this is what North America needs in order to increase sales here?  I guess we will findout, but I truly believe that even a slight price drop alone will not be enough.  The memory cards absolutely need a price cut, even more so than the console itself, but more importantly, more games need to come out and support the vita.  Another interesting thought is the vita being bundled with a more expensive version of the ps4, which would be really cool, but highly unlikely.

For now, I guess ill stick with the 3ds and it’s abundance of great games coming out, even if a few of them are ports. However, I really want to play persona 4 golden..


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