Currently Playing

This page is specifically left for what I am currently playing, all consoles included. I will also add a quick blurb about my feelings on the particular game listed.

NOTE: All games are a link to their respective wiki articles, if you do not wish to view those articles, don’t click on the games!

Feel free to add a comment on whatever you please!


Currently playing:

On Ps2:

Persona 3 fes – That’s right people, i’m playing persona 3 fes. It is just an incredibly immersive JPRG experience like none other. Just spend the 10 dollars to get it on PSN and play through it.  I warn you, it is very addictive, and will take up a significant amount of time if you get into it. Basically its a game where you play a Japanese high school student, and while going through school run into and join a group that fights shadows at night, during an hour only they know about, called the dark hour; occurring between midnight and the next day. You get and fuse personas to fight with, manage your social life, and create meaningful relationships with all the characters, a must play! (turn based battle system btw)

On Xbox 360:

Tomb Raider – A real attempt to break up my RPG games, and a great one at that. Classic Action-Adventure Game with amazingly-well cast characters, all of whom – thus far – are unforgettable.  Definitely worth a shot if you are a fan of action games, and also if you like bows, because bows are cool. Edit: I’ve now beaten the game, and I can say it was a fantastic game with very real emotions. Play this one if your itching for some killing, with an interesting story!

On Ps3:

Tales of Graces f – Great addition to the tales series, with the same battle system and same setup of characters.  Generally great in the graphics department, and if you are familiar with the tales series this will not dissapoint you.  If you are new to the series, it is essentially an action JRPG which means that rather than turn based battle systems, you can actually move around in real time during battles, attacking who you please.  You still use the artes system in this game, having A artes and B artes, the difference being which button you press while attacking.

I know that this isn’t exactly a helpful start for new players, but look out for an updated post on the game as time goes on.

Shadow of the Colosssus  HD remake – I know this is an oldie, but it’s an old classic.  Very interesting setup (little story, vast, empty world etc) and I actually believe the less you know about this game going in the better, make an experience out of it.

It is great though, and after beating 3 of the colossi, I can say the only thing about the game that frustrates me is the clumsy main character.  The thing is though, he is representing all too real physics mechanics, so thats not actually a negative thing in say a review score.

On 3ds:

Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon – Another fantastic Nintendo 3ds game that provides plenty of challenging battles, and puzzles. A great sequel to the gamecube version and i’m happily going through the game wondering what it will bring on next.  A review of this game may be possible, given I have the time to not only beat the game but also write up the review. Only thing that I have found negative about the game so far is the lack of innovation for 3d, as it feels unnecessary. Maybe it’s just me….

Devil Survivor Overclocked – This game is a “3D” remake of the first devil survivor game for the Nintendo DS.  I give that quotations because its barely 3D in that only the opening sequence and title screen even activates it, making it pretty irrelevant.  However, the voice acting, ability to tone down the difficulty, access to more demons and a possible extra day (possible if you get the right ending) makes it worth the purchase if you didn’t get a chance to pick it up the first time, and have a 3DS. Edit: The story in this game is very well done, im much farther now and it’s an incredible game so far. It is a strategy JRPG though, which isn’t a genre for everyone. If you like games like Fire Emblem, check this one out!

Etrian Odyssey IV – I never actually got  around to playing any of the first 3 Etrian Odyssey games, so to indulge in this one was interesting.  I am a little dissapointed with the lack of story, as you are a faceless and nameless adventurer who simply recruits people through an abritrary guild.  However, I really enjoy mapping out the dungeons on the touch screen, and also getting materials to upgrade my weapons.  It seems like this game is a heavy grindfest though, so that may be a turn-off for some.


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