Hello Once Again!

I see at least a few people have managed to not only find the site, but grab some useful information from my posts which is great! School is no longer an issue, and that being the case I will once again begin to post away! There are many things I wish to address, so look out for my next few posts!



Sorry, No New Posts for a While.

I underestimated the amount of time required to consistently run a blog, so I will NOT be posting any new content at least until the middle of April  when school is done. I know i’m not disappointing anyone, but just in-case you come across the site and wonder whats up, now you know.

Thanks for understanding


First Post!

Okay so lets get down to business.  This is a sample post for me to check things out, but also for you to know how I will be running things. I will check daily for news on new games coming out, next-gen news, current gen news, thoughts on current games that I am playing and possibly thoughts on popular reviewers-reviews.  Once this site actually gets going, you will start to see a more efficiently run experience, but for now i’m simply a new blogger trying to get something done.  I do hope if you managed to stop by, you support my efforts with comments, advice, criticism,  whatever the case may be.

Lets have fun, and thanks!