Another Round of High Review Scores (From IGN): The Pattern of 2013?

Let’s face it, this year to date has had some amazing releases, with Ni no kuni, Fire Emblem Awakening, Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, Gears of War Judgement, Monster Hunter Ultimate, and soon-to-be released Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Bioshock Infinite. All of these adventures offer some incredible gaming experiences, and it seems as though this year still has so much to offer, including the supposed holiday release of the next gen Playstation and Xbox. IGN has either been overly generous so far, or these games are really deserving of they’re extremely high scores, each of the above (with the exception of dead space) getting at least an 8.5.

I know my wallet is hurting because of all of these great releases, and it seems people who have most of the current consoles have had a great year so far (With the exception of the Vita, and the Wii-U, sorry, the rest of the year looks promising though). However this rate of amazing game releases will not keep up forever, as game companies do not have the ability to produce major releases every other month.

Why do you think all of these great releases are bombarding us at the same time? Convenience? Or because these consoles are trying to go out with a bang? Either way, It’s definitely a good thing that Sony and Microsoft haven’t turned away from they’re respective consoles, and I can’t wait for the new console generation.

Again don’t get me wrong, Nintendo has a great lineup to come (for the Wii-U), they just haven’t had anywhere near the thunder that the Xbox and PS3 have had. With the exception of their 3DS, of course.

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Thoughts on DLC: Should it Even Be a Thing?

DLC or downloadable content can be a good thing, it can add new quests to explore, new characters or stages to try out, or a whole new section to a game, all for a price. Is Dlc a bad thing? it can be, although it depends on the context of the DLC. Some games release DLC as soon as the next week after launch, and charge $10 for it. May I ask why? Why do I have to shell out $60 for a game, and then another $10 a week later? Especially when this $10 add-on leads to a better ending, or fixes something in-game, which should have been addressed BEFORE release.

Another way I absolutely hate DLC is when it is used for microtransactions. For an example, I’ll use every Iphone Game ever. Every-time you go to play a “free” game on your phone, you have to use a small (or large) amount of money to purchase points to make in game purchases. You can usually get along without doing so, but it makes it much more difficult, as is the case with console games that have the same approach.

So when is DLC appropriate? It is appropriate when you purchase a completed game, and then at some point down the road have the OPTION to purchase some extra content.  Especially since this setup usually leads to a GOTY (Game of the Year) edition, having all the extra content on the Disk, which is fantastic for those who waited for the game.

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My Thoughts on the Next-Gen Console Exclusives

This is actually a post that is not about news, or what i’m playing, but sticks true to the “blog” part of my blog. As a gamer, I read about, and make decisions on what console to buy based on Console Exclusives. Continue reading