About This Blog

Okay, So this is going to be a first attempt at making a gaming blog.  First of all, my name is James and I am in my second year of university.  I’m aware that my personal information isn’t interesting but hey, maybe someone will ask eventually.

My intention for this blog is to become a gaming news site, along with thoughts on games i’m currently indulged in and reviews of any I have completed.  I will give my best effort to post the most recent news for all consoles, and handhelds, but I make no promises as of right now for PC news. Any reviews will be non-bias, but reviews of sequels may be compared to older games (for better or worse). This site is not meant to be a substitute for IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot, or any major news site, it is simply meant to display all of those stories in my own words or at least with my own thoughts. I really do hope to eventually have people join in and discuss all of my posts with me, and just make gaming news and stories a little more social.

When it comes to games I am an RPG gamer mostly, but I do enjoy other genres, except for most sports games (sorry sports fans, I do love the NHL franchise though).  I own all of the current gen consoles except for the vita.

Thanks for stopping by!


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