Nintendo Direct Tomorrow! (April 17th)

Image representing Nintendo as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

So it would seem that Nintendo is holding another “Nintendo Direct” show tomorrow and will be featuring the 3DS! I for one am extremely excited about this development because the 3ds is a system that is just hemorrhaging games at the moment. Nintendo is certainly using this momentum to increase sales and to announce hopefully some updates on Animal Crossing or Donkey Kong as they are set to release in the next couple months (donkey kong = may 24th; AC = June 9th). Speculation would lead one to believe they could announce some new virtual console games or even (although less likely) a new game for the system itself. More to come tomorrow but it’s always fun to talk about the “could be’s” of gaming.

Normally I’d ask to comment, and still encourage it, but I’ll post the details of the show tomorrow, eliminating the need for speculation after that time.

Thanks for your time, and it’s good to be back!



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