Persona 4 Golden Goes on Sale!

Persona-4-Golden (1)

For the first time since it’s famous release, Persona 4 Golden is on sale at participating retailers for $29.99, $10 off. This seems to be part of a Persona sale by Atlus, as all of the Persona games on PSN are also discounted. Thanks for making me really regret not having a vita yet, Atlus. One thing I’m more interested in, however, is that Persona 5 seems to be a heavy focus for Atlus, and I know fans of the series want that game, like last year. I believe the sale is set to last two weeks, but as always, that’s up to the retailers. Participants vary depending on where you live, but Gamestop is one of them. Sorry, you’ll have to check your local store. Online is an option too. That’s right, the internet exists.

Not much to comment on but it never hurts!



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