Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: 3DS or Wii-U?


TANK3_WiiU TitleSheet

Monster Hunter 3 Releases tomorrow, and the one question I personally wonder is:”What console will I buy it for if at all?” I will look at it from three different angles: price, control, and multiplayer ability. Also keep in mind that I’m assuming you have both consoles to play them on, unless you think this game is worth a console purchase.

Price: We all know that the 3ds game is cheaper, at $39.99 over the Wii-U’s $59.99. However, the 3ds also has the option of getting the circle pad pro for improved controls, a $25 difference (at least in local stores, online may be cheaper, sorry i haven’t checked). As far as gameplay goes, the two are identical, so the price per content stays the same here.

Control: So according to several sources, and also trying the demos of both versions myself, controls take some getting used to on both consoles, but especially in need of help on the 3ds. However, apparently the 3Ds version supports the circle pad pro, which could be very helpful with the camera controls as the demo was awful hard to orient. In this case, it almost seems a little extra cash will make the 3ds versions controls more enjoyable, but then the fact that it’s cheaper on the 3ds is rendered moot. On the Wii-U version, i believe the camera is oriented by the touchpad, but I get the two mixed up easily enough. Personal preference is your biggest factor here.

Multiplayer ability: This one made me completely reconsider purchasing the game for the 3ds. The 3ds version does NOT support online multiplayer, but the Wii-U version does. Seeing as the game is designed for a multiplayer experience, this kinda hurts, Capcom. 3Ds is capable of local multiplayer though, with the Wii-U version acting as the host.

In conclusion, I personally will probably hold out until I get a Wii-U and get that version, as I would really prefer to have online capabilities.

Just as a side note, you can transfer your data across the two versions just in-case you need to play on the go as well as at home.

What version are you looking at, if at all? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks, James.


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