SimCity Crashed, Burned, and Rose Again!?


SimCity has been a long awaited game for many PC fans, and we all know it had a really rough start, to put it lightly. However, it seems Maxis has started to get SimCity running much better the past few days, and people can finally actually play the game! I will not be playing this one myself, but just thought i’d post about it anyway!

SimCity is a game that is created and Maxis and published by EA which is unfortunately always online.  Why is this unfortunate? The game doesn’t really perform in such a way that needs to be online, its not like you and a friend are creating your cities right beside each other or anything. So having it always online just created massive server stress, and caused EA to shut down some of the game components (nothing too important) in order to actually let people log in and play.

To make things worse, EA has already confirmed that it will not make SimCity an offline game, meaning that these problems will forever be present in some form.  Hopefully next gen consoles will learn from this experience.

The good news is, people who experience trouble received a free-game voucher from EA, as a form of refund.

The actual gameplay consists of city simulation, a game where you literally build a city from scratch, and must maintain it while meeting all of its citizens needs.

Thats all! feel free to comment!



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