My Thoughts on the Next-Gen Console Exclusives

This is actually a post that is not about news, or what i’m playing, but sticks true to the “blog” part of my blog. As a gamer, I read about, and make decisions on what console to buy based on Console Exclusives.

First, let me just say, Nintendo and Sony both have a very intense list of exclusives this generation in comparison to Microsoft. I’m sorry but listing them all here would be a pain, so here is a list of exclusives from wikipedia that pretty much sums it up.

Detail is not really needed as far as my preferred choices of games, however I will say that the immense amount of JRPG games on the PS3 is very appealing, in comparison to say the 360 having mostly shooters as exclusives. The Wii had a great selection of games this generation and I honestly believe that Nintendo will eventually get the Wii-U going as long as they continue that trend, a consequence being that it seems all of their consoles have a slow start.

Of course my opinion on say the JRPG exclusives on the ps3 makes a statement like “I want to get the PS4 because of its exclusives” a bias statement, because it just so happens that Sony seems to put out a variety of games that appeal to my interests.  That said, the PS4 is obviously my console of choice so far, simply for that fact.  However, I don’t believe Microsoft will just die off next gen like some people seem to believe, but rather keep their “hardcore” COD players interested with timed exclusive content and throw a few Halo games their way, as well as gears of course.

The Wii-U really needs some third party support, as Nintendo really does have their hands full with the great games coming our way for both the 3ds and the Wii-U itself. I may even consider getting the Wii-U just for added variety to my collection, Unless of course Microsoft comes up with some much needed exclusive games, as their live service cannot keep them going forever. That said, their live service was one of my favorite things about this generation of consoles, simply for easy console connectivity (i’m aware that Steam on the PC is much more effective).

In conclusion, all consoles have their own games that keep people playing and that is just fine.  I do not believe in “Crapping” on fans of consoles that I don’t like, so the point of this post was mostly to shed some light on the system I have my eyes on, some insight into why, and thoughts on other consoles.

What do you think of console exclusives and what are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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